Magic word: Zonnestraal (Ray of Sun). It's the name of an old Sanatorium for people with TB, near Hilversum, the Netherlands. A 19-th centuary charity in the most oldfashion sence of the word. A lot of history - in a place unfortunately a little less romantic than I'd imagined. After restoring the architectuarally important buildings it's all somewhat 'commercialised' - all be it in a active healthcare use. But nevertheless I was glad to visit the place and will possibly exhibit in the newly developed 'statue garden' this spring. To be continued (if or when I know more).

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Excitement about Bristol

A lot of activity in Groningen and in Bristol. I feel the buzz of excitement on both sides. This afternoon I was talking to Marian (fellow artist in my studio, painter and also going to Bristol) about 'the artistic visual hunger with which we approach our surroundings'. What? We both recognised how you never get enough looking at things, absorbing them. So much so that even driving becomes a hazardus occupuation. Later I walked to the shops. I saw a waste - container covered in spray paint with the words 'What is your truth'?" Well, at this instance: I do still have to finish my working week - and the truth is that I feel it is too much. I want to indulge in the preparations ! In letting my mind wander.

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Ethiopia asks for urgent food aid

I do not intent to keep mentioning facts and figures, but the news about hunger doesn't stop! Today this is the BBC headline - it makes 'ART' so futile.

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English language

The exchagne to Bristol is fast moving closer (12 nov.). I've decided that I also will try and write this log in English from now on. This is to enable the British artist and guests to share my thoughts. I have had questions from Dutch guests: why is your site in English ? Well, the answer is that I do hope this is a 'global' site - so as many people as possible can join in.


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Honger in Europa

De economische recessie leidt in de Europese Unie tot armoede en zelfs honger. Dat meldt het Internationale Rode Kruis.

Onder meer in IJsland, Hongarije, Spanje en Italië moet de overheid voor voedselhulp zorgen. In Spanje is het Rode Kruis met geld van de Europese Unie bezig met een voedselprogramma, bedoeld voor 500-duizend mensen.

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Gisteren op de Wereldvoedseldag bijeenkomst zoveel moois gehoord (meer produceren/meer delen/anders denken). Plannen voor de toekomst. NU is er echter toenemende honger. Woorden en rapporten doen daar niets aan.

hier laat ik anderen aan het woord



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