We've finished

Today the 6 full boxes of blocks - around 115 kg. in weight, were set up with the help of a few very helpfull students. In the picture my very own watering can (used to water the work 'Global' in Groningen) now one of the exhibits in Bristol. Mad and unexpected.



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School of creative arts gallery

Today  "Things happen" (this is a permanent work in the School of creative arts gallery (UWE-Bristol). I worked longer than I had anticipated on the fathouses. It was complicated by the fact that the fat was a little soft due to floorheating. Afterwards we made a start to create order in the chaos that is called BVstudio's. All in a good mood - so "Things will happen".

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Arrived in Bristol

After an exceptionally stormy crossing on Friday 13 th. (Groningen-Bristol was one big traffic jam !) Kevin drove me and all my boxes (fat, blocks and plants) safely to Bristol only to find a half finished exhibitionspace not yet ready to set things up. Still, everyone is confident that it will happen and the Exchange is in full swing (experiencing cultural differences). I've been made very welcome in Arans' house and had a good night.It's all starting on monday (resceduled timetable) so I will have time to fill in! I'm determined to enjoy this - as I realise that at home there's always something in need of attention. In the afternoon we will will go for a walk and have a Sunday roast all together (British and Dutch artist) 

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The site of ViceVersa 2 is ready and the packing is on its way. Yesterday someone thought that were moving as the hall is full of boxes. Mexican Flu is now the only factor that can spoil the whole thing. Leon is just recovered and this had delayed our journey by a day. '




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Denk op wereldschaal. Nog voor het woord globalisering in zwang kwam, deed Dom Helder Camara deze uitspraak al. Ik leg nu een idee op de wereldweegschaal. Onlangs ben ik een kunst-project gestart om virtueel vet uit te wisselen tussen de mensen die overgewicht hebben en zij die honger lijden. Beide groepen vertegenwoordigen nu grofweg 1 biljoen mensen op de wereld! Als een echte uitwisseling mogelijk was - zou dat direct ten goede komen aan de gezondheid van 2 biljoen mensen! Dat is groots, maar 2 of 4 of 6 of .... veel meer mensen is ook mooi. En dat kan. Mijn naam is Moniek Westerman (geboren in 1960) en ik ben kunstenaar en voedingskundige. De site www.globalfatexchange.com is mijn artistieke invulling van het wereldomspannende 'honger-versus overvloed-probleem'. Naast dat ik natuurlijk dolgraag wil dat je meedoet * ben ik ook ontzettend nieuwschierig naar grote en kleine (persoonlijke) verhalen / kunst-uitdrukkingen rond het thema 'honger' versus 'overvloed'. Schroom niet en reageer in mijn gastenboek of mail me!

* Meedoen? Maak een afspraak met jezelf dat je gewicht wilt verliezen om fitter en gezonder te worden. Of sponsor een vriend! Neem een realistisch doel (5% van je lichaamsgewicht geeft al een grote gezondheidswinst - als je echt te zwaar bent natuurlijk) en bedenkt tevoren hoeveel je wilt doneren wanneer het je lukt (bijvoorbeeld 5 euro per kilo). Leg dat even vast op mijn site (gastenboek) zodat de morele druk nog ietsje hoger wordt. Je wordt trouwens verder niet gecontroleerd, want ik denk dat je dubbele motivatie genoeg is!

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Global (Aran)

In this picture (september 2009) artists in Groningen were not quite finished with Aran's piece 'Global', her contribution for Vice Versa in Groningen. It was a garden, consisting of grass and plants send by post from Britain ( Aran lives in Bristol but is Spanish). The background had a lot to do with worldwide rules and regulations. What will happen to them at custums? As it appeared: they passed without problems and arrived safely in the Netherlands. Now - several months later - some of the plants will make the reverse journey in our car. Back from Groningen to Bristol. This afternoon I was out on the balcony to safeguard some from autumn storms and rain. Some turf and a few surviving plants will be challenging French and Britisch customs (ferry crossing) - while others will remain in Groningen to continue growing here as a reminder of GLOBAL.

Plants indeed are very special. I still cultivate - be it with increasing difficulty - a few plants from my grandmother- after she passed away. I've kept them alive now for almost 18 years in her memory.


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Magic word: Zonnestraal (Ray of Sun). It's the name of an old Sanatorium for people with TB, near Hilversum, the Netherlands. A 19-th centuary charity in the most oldfashion sence of the word. A lot of history - in a place unfortunately a little less romantic than I'd imagined. After restoring the architectuarally important buildings it's all somewhat 'commercialised' - all be it in a active healthcare use. But nevertheless I was glad to visit the place and will possibly exhibit in the newly developed 'statue garden' this spring. To be continued (if or when I know more).

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Excitement about Bristol

A lot of activity in Groningen and in Bristol. I feel the buzz of excitement on both sides. This afternoon I was talking to Marian (fellow artist in my studio, painter and also going to Bristol) about 'the artistic visual hunger with which we approach our surroundings'. What? We both recognised how you never get enough looking at things, absorbing them. So much so that even driving becomes a hazardus occupuation. Later I walked to the shops. I saw a waste - container covered in spray paint with the words 'What is your truth'?" Well, at this instance: I do still have to finish my working week - and the truth is that I feel it is too much. I want to indulge in the preparations ! In letting my mind wander.

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