Exchange (and a new life for 'the fat houses')

While the north of Britain is suffering from severe flooding, Bristol is enjoying lovely blue skies and relatively high temperatures. The exchange is still in full swing. Yesterday the show opened officially. We, Dutch artist, were pleasantly surprised about the significant amount of people that came to see it and where genuinely interested in the art! Bristol is a very arty place indeed and it makes Groningen look quite boring. However, the students were not turning up in force to attend the (morning) lectures and workshops that we all had prepaired. This was, unfortunately, the same story as in Groningen in September. They obviously have a full programme. Still, I did like the opportunity to present and I had some nice people asking questions afterwards. The lecture will remain on the site (click here) for those who missed it.

Soon after the presentations my attention was diverted to the next task. The F-block show had to come down and the nearly 60 kg. of lard removed. As planned two students helped me building the houses again on the wooded grounds of the UWE-University. At first they collapsed in sad, slippery heaps - scaffolded with twigs and branches, but we did get on top of it and left them standing for the (black)birds! (and the army of Bristol foxes ?). I hope to follow this up on the blog with pictures.




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