Where in the World is the Berlin Wall?

It has been my dream for years to follow the whereabouts of the Berlin Wall in the world. Without the aid of Google Maps it was a difficult undertaking.

The Wall was dismantled in 1989. People old enough to remember the pictures saw the crowds chipping away with whatever tools they had available. Nearly every visitor to Berlin has taken home a piece of the material from the Berlin Wall. So in theory – it still exists all over the world. I want to know where.

It is obviously the largest single ‘man-made piece’ ever constructed
that is dispersed all over the world. That tells us a lot about its immeasurable importance and impact – not just for the Berlin people but for everybody with a grasp of what freedom means.

The ‘pieces’ of concrete in people’s houses mean that the history lives on. Please help me make this visable!

Your contribution is simply to put your address (and name if you wish)
on the google map ‘Where in the World is the Berlin Wall today?’.

Add a photo of your personal piece of rock if you wish.

Thanks you for helping me – please inform anyone you know, anywhere in the world who’s been to Berlin.

August 13 th 2011 – Moniek Westerman

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